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Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing Services Montgomery County, PA

Basement and crawl space waterproofing can help you keep your home dry and safe. Basement flooding is a common problem in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey after heavy snow melts or rain falls. This is due to underground capillaries and waterways which fill quickly and exert pressure on your basement walls and foundation.  That pressure forces water inside your home.  If allowed to continue, the water can destroy your foundation, basement, and even your entire home.  For the trusted basement waterproofing services Montgomery County, PA has to offer, look no further than A Water Proofing Solutions Inc.

Water in the wrong places can cause a lot of destruction and mayhem. This includes damage to your personal items, serious structural damages, mold growth, and poor air quality in your home.  Luckily basement & crawlspace waterproofing can help your home stay free and clear of these types of problems.  Our experienced company can fix the issues you currently have with mold, pooling water, leaking walls and foundation, structural damage, and other other issues, and then waterproof your basement and crawlspace to ensure a safe, dry basement.

A Detailed Look at Basement & Crawl Space Flooding and Leaks

How does water get into your basement when there are no obvious cracks or damage to your foundation? The answer to that question is pressure, more specifically hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the result of water traveling through capillaries and waterways, finding the path of least resistance.  Then that water comes into contact with your basement and foundation, building up pressure around your house, pushing its way through the smallest cavities in your foundation and walls, similar to a small hole or leak in a boat. The location where water infiltrates your home is usually what is known as “the cove” the area where the floor and the walls meet.  

Typically, the hydrostatic pressure exerted by this water is not enough to knock down your basement’s walls immediately, and sometimes may not produce large amounts of water pooling, but over time it can cause structural problems which will slowly increase the leak and create other issues in your home. These structural problems may appear as walls bowing, cracking, or shifting.  In addition to the cove and floor areas, you may also see water on your basement walls.  This is because the original foundation coating has degraded over the years allowing water to penetrate the porous material of your foundation.  Foundations and walls are typically made from poured concrete, cinder block, or stone.  

Diagram of how Water gets into your Basement

All of these allow water to enter in some way, either directly through the porous concrete material or through the joints between the rocks or blocks. The only way to keep this water out of your home is to hire professionals to create a system that works with the natural properties of water and mitigates the effects of hydrostatic pressure on your walls.  No waterproofing system can simply stop water from entering your home.  But a good waterproofing system will direct the hydrostatic pressure and create a specific way for water to enter the basement walls, flow through, and then leave your basement. 

Stop flooding and Leaks by installing a Waterproofing System in your Basement and/ or Crawl Space

A Waterproofing Solution has developed a way to save your home from water damage. Our unique basement & crawlspace waterproofing system can redirect water so that it does not build up hydrostatic pressure on the walls or floors of your home.  Harnessing the natural properties of water allows us to manipulate the path of least resistance through strategically placed systems. 

The most common solution is a specifically designed drainage trench that is pitched to use gravity to send the water into a sump pump basin, where the water is pumped out of the home. Exterior drainage systems then carry this water away from your foundation. 

A Waterproofing Solution in PA, NJ, and DE

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware and you need to waterproof your basement, look no further than A Waterproofing Solution. We have a team of professionals that will come out to your home and thoroughly waterproof your basement. What makes our team so valuable to homeowners is that we work to understand the specific needs of your unique home.

We work with you to understand your unique situation and implement a waterproofing solution that is tailored to your needs. Every house is different and we take a detailed approach to waterproofing your home so that your water problem is resolved. We believe in our solutions so much that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our waterproofing system.

A Waterproofing Solution is your basement waterproofing team.  Please contact us today if you are interested in waterproofing your basement or crawlspace. We look forward to helping you with your project and developing a custom solution for your home.