Basement Waterproofing Loan Application Stamped with approval

We Offer Third-Party Financing So You Can Cover The Costs Of Your Repairs And Renovations Now, Then Pay Later.

If you don’t have homeowners insurance or if your homeowners insurance does not cover the complete cost of your basement repairs and renovations, you might be more than a little disappointed. 

Many people simply can’t afford the full cost of basement waterproofing and a basement remodel.  This can be especially if you have big plans for your new basement and want to create a finished space where there wasn’t one before. 

But, no matter what kind of repair and remodel you need or want, there is another option for payments besides homeowner’s insurance and your savings account:  third-party financing.

What Is Third Party Financing?

Third-party financing simply means that another company, not ours, will act as a lender for you.  You can choose to work with any of your trusted lenders, such as your own bank or a personal loan company.  We also have two companies that we work with frequently that are familiar with our work and the process of basement waterproofing and remodeling. 

Benefits Of Financing

Using a bank or another lender to finance your basement waterproofing and remodel work has a number of benefits.  

  • Borrowing may allow you to have a greater budget for your remodel
  • You can pay off part or the total cost slowly and at a low interest rate
  • You may not have been able to afford it otherwise
  • If you are planning to sell your home, a finished dry basement can add significant value  to your home’s sale price.  You will recoup the cost plus profit easily upon the selling your home, then you can pay your loan off quickly once you make settlement

Approval Odds

Obtaining a loan for home improvements is very similar to obtaining a loan for other items such as a home or a car.  Your lender will look at your income, your debts, and your credit score.  The cost of a basement waterproofing and remodel is significantly less than the cost of a new home, so it’s likely you’ll be approved so long as you can make the low monthly payments.

Ready To Apply?

We work with a third-party loan servicer that can make applying for a loan simple.  You’ll give your information and answer a few questions on their secure website and they will get back to you with a response shortly.  To learn more about the financing options we offer, check out our financing page.

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