Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing in PA, NJ, DE

Water in the wrong places can cause a lot of destruction and mayhem. This includes serious structural damages, mold growth, and damages to your personal items. Don’t lose spaces in your home to pooling water and keep your basement dry!

Basements that are below ground need to be waterproofed because when homes are built their foundations are not constructed to be waterproof. Due to the soil conditions in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey basement flooding is common in the area after heavy rain fall or snow melts. 

Basement Waterproofing | A Plus Basement Waterproofing

Water can seep into your basement through your walls and floor.

A Detailed Look at Basement Flooding and Leaks

How does water get into your basement when there are no obvious cracks or damages to your foundation? The answer to that question is pressure, more specifically hydrostatic pressure. When your home was built and the foundation was poured, the soil had to be disturbed to make room for your house. The areas of soil directly surrounding your house are weaker than the rest of the earth around it since this soil was dug up and then back filled to fit snugly against your foundation. When there are prolonged periods of rain or snow melt, water on the ground goes to the point of least resistance. Since the area surrounding your house is weaker and easier to penetrate than the harder soil adjacent to it, the water ends up here and exerts pressure on your foundation. 

Typically, the hydrostatic pressure exerted by this water is not enough to knock down your basement’s walls, but over time it can cause structural problems for your foundation. The reason you are seeing water in your basement on your floors or on your walls is because your foundation is not waterproof and concrete is a porous material. The only way to keep this water out of your home is to hire professionals to waterproof your basement. 

A+ Waterproofing Solutions, Inc. in PA, NJ, and DE 

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware and you need to waterproof your basement, look no further than A + Waterproofing Solutions, Inc. We have a team of professionals that will come out to your home and thoroughly waterproof your basement. What makes our team so valuable to homeowners is that we work to understand the specific needs of your unique home.

We work with you to understand your unique situation and implement a waterproofing solution that is tailored to your needs. For example, you don’t want your water draining to the wrong place. This could end up exacerbating your water problem instead of addressing it. Every house is different and we take a detailed approach to waterproofing your home so that your water problem is resolved. 

A + Waterproofing Solutions, Inc. is your top basement waterproofing team. We’re locals too so who better to serve our community and the people who live in it? Please contact us today if you are interested in waterproofing your basement. We will work hard to get the job done fast so you don’t have to deal with your water troubles anymore!